Виктория Романец оголилась на Мальдивах Girl posing Nude, slightly hiding behind the towel. Victoria romanet went on vacation and decided to show all her sexuality. Thus, she intended to annoy the detractors. Subscribers could not pass by such a picture, and began violently to comment on it.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Victoria romanet went on a long awaited journey. The girl chose the place for your holiday popular among celebrities Maldives. Now ex-member of TV show, basking under the sun on the sandy beach and in what does not deny.

      On the Islands under the scorching sun romanet allowed himself to fully relax. She has posted a rather provocative photo. Victoria was completely bare, and intimate parts of the body decided to cover slightly with a towel. However, this does not hide the fascinating curves of the body of the former participant “Houses-2”. Apparently, therefore, the Romanets decided to piss off their detractors and demonstrate its charms.

      “Hey! More sun, more comments. Blacklist is waiting for you, Hey, the most correct and pristine, I dare you to write” tried to provoke their followers on the microblog Victoria.

      Erotic photography immediately captured the attention of thousands of followers who gladly considered daring the ex-contestants of the reality show and left many enthusiastic comments. They were amazed at such a bold act, Victoria, who was not afraid of the judgment of the guardians of morality.

      “Daisy, you’re super. I’ve always liked everything – the figure, appearance, character and attitude to men. It is a pity that you left the project. No such cool girls out there like Victoria romanet!”, “Photo is normal, but the signature is not high, the more aggression will give the more will return”, “Very beautiful, that’s right, these chic forms should be proud and nasty things written by those who are jealous,” wrote the subscribers romanet in the microblog.

      Despite the fact that Victoria for short term stay on the Islands managed to make a few colorful frames, it does not reveal who went on holiday in such a romantic place. Not so long ago, romanet said in an exclusive interview with “StarHit” the fact that recently she had stopped to put their relationship on display. Vic Romanets: “I’m not chasing millionaires”

      “I will say one thing – in my personal life all of it was very good. But I realized one rule – happiness loves silence. Try to limit loved ones from strangers, and many are beginning to look for something in my social media, write once”, told ex-the participant “Houses-2”.