Charlie sheen is establishing relationships with children

Чарли Шин налаживает отношения с детьми

As if there was judicial squabbles and grievances due to delay of child support. On his page in the social network Hollywood actor Charlie sheen has published a picture with ex-wife Denise Richards and daughters Sam and Lola, who are now eleven and twelve. All the former family looks content and happy in the picture.

“Amazing pack” — Charlie wrote under the photo.
Probably due to terminal illness, or maybe just with the age of the Tyres became more wise and decided to establish their relationship with children, and maybe their relationship was affected by the breakup – known fact that Denise and the girls moved to another town, and Charlie was going to move to Mexico.
Recall that the scandalous confessions Charlie that he’s HIV positive, a series of sensations from the Bus not ended. In parallel, dealing with his ex-fiancée porn star Brett Rossi, she’s Scattin Tires in the recent past, Charlie has filed a lawsuit in court, demanding him to reduce the size of the items he pays his ex-spouse to the children. If before Denise and Brooke Mueller got fifty thousand dollars a month, now Charlie was ready to pay them a little more than ten. Brooke filed a counter claim, demanding to collect debt from ex-husband, but his lawyer was able to convince the judge that he is now a penny.
Meanwhile, Shin is actively getting rid of property, to evict their wives from the previously presented houses, but after the star of the movie “Hot heads” and the series “Two and a half men” has acquired several houses in Mexico, where he plans to start life anew.