Olga Romanovskaya materialize in front of her husband for sexual footage

Ольга Романовская оправдалась перед мужем за сексуальные кадры The presenter is not shy to show her gorgeous figure in a very revealing costumes in the pictures that she shares on social networks. However, the husband of Olga Romanov Andrew sometimes does not understand who photographs a woman like this when he’s away. Husband jealous of a striking brunette.

      Husband of Olga Romanov, Andrey can only envy. Because his wife is not only beautiful and sexy woman and a caring mother for their children. However, the husband leading the”Registro” sometimes jealous and suspects her of infidelity. In particular, a man is surprised when a woman puts candid shots in social networks from different angles. Most of the frames Romanovsky makes himself, but when the wife is out of town, the new erotic photography on her blog to make him nervous.

      Recently Olga has shared spicy scenes of the trip. She sits in profile, nicely arched back, an UN-tucked the bed in the hotel room.

      “My husband saw these photos, suspiciously asked me how I, being, in theory, alone in the room, manage yourself to photograph from this angle… And every time the same question. Go ahead and answer myself! More than 50 years, people fly in space. 34 the operations are for a sex change. 20 years cloned organisms. And here I am, a genius in 2016 able to set the function of camera in Android on a timer,” explained Olga in the picture.

      Fans of the TV presenter has shared their stories in the comments to the post and noted that it is sometimes better timer no one can take pictures. “Your Samsung great photographer. And with the model it generally lucky”, “Photo with the timer turned out just brilliant”; “Men are sometimes capable of incredible discoveries, but forget about the timer. I have recently middle of the night, Siri spoke up – I barely calmed his counsel,” – said users of the social network.

      By the way, Romanovskaya previously admitted that her husband has nothing against these outfits and photos in their underwear. The husband and wife build their relationships on trust each other. Olga explained in one of his posts, what’s the secret of their happy family life. “That fish has long been on my hook. Most interesting is that no special baits I have never used. I’ve just always been a sometimes dramatic and direct, sometimes playful and affectionate… whether a man in a skirt, or a woman with a screwdriver, sometimes overly active and prone to mood swings and emotional and weird, but real. And I know that I appreciate it in people”, – wrote the leader.