Victoria Lopyreva went on date with al Pacino

Виктория Лопырева побывала на свидании с Аль Пачино TV presenter and model in the delight of chatting with a Hollywood star. Victoria Lopyreva met with Oscar-winning actor in Los Angeles. “My happiness has no limits!”, – shared her beauty emotions from acquaintance with al Pacino.

      Виктория Лопырева побывала на свидании с Аль Пачино

      Model and TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva definitely lucky to have a meeting with foreign celebrities of the first echelon. For example, in January of last year, she and her now ex-husband Fedor Smolov was vacationing in the resort of St. Bart next to the Oscar winner Leonardo DiCaprio and singer Rihanna.

      A few days ago Victoria Lopyreva again rushed to America. During his stay in Los Angeles she was lucky to make acquaintance with the star cult of Hollywood movies “the Godfather”, “the devil’s Advocate”, “Thirteen friends of Oushena” and the other, a brilliant actor and a living legend al Pacino movie. Despite the fact that the famous actor of the late seventies, he is full of strength and continues to conquer the hearts of the most beautiful girls of the world, which, of course, belongs and once won the title “Miss Russia” Victoria Lopyreva. One of the most famous blondes in our country has been acting master class, hosted by the Maestro, and got a lot of pleasure from intercourse with a world celebrity. What a beauty with delight said in microblogging. “Mr. al Pacino himself. What could be better than meeting with the genius when I came to Los Angeles to take acting lessons. My happiness has no limits!”, – inspired by Victoria Lopyreva announced. Fans of the model, seeing it in the microblog photo, which al Pacino tenderly embraces Vick, experienced similar emotions.

      “How cool!”, “Lucky”, “My dream! Vika, write more in detail about the meeting, “I am very happy for you. You have a bright personality, good luck to you. Al Pacino, a really brilliant actor,” write the fans of Victoria. And some drew attention to the fact that 76-year-old al Pacino receives from communication with Victoria no less pleasure than it. “He kicks from the Wiki, already hair on end,” said one of the followers lopyrevoy.

      It is worth noting that al Pacino has never been married, but at one time had a romantic relationship with many Actresses, maintaining their reputation as a ladies ‘ man even in old age. Celebrity have three children, 26-year-old daughter Mary, and twins Olivia and Anton, who, for fifteen years.

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