Wife Konstantin Kryukov off in Cannes

Жена Константина Крюкова отрывается в Каннах The company to the spouse star is actress Anna Tsukanova-Cott, wife of the Director of the film “Yolki 2” and “Brest fortress”. Weather in France is excellent. Girls dissect the côte d’azur by car and visiting parties at the Cannes film festival with participation of stars of world cinema.

      Жена Константина Крюкова отрывается в Каннах

      Wife Konstantin Kryukov PR agent Alina Alekseeva, which more recently has worked as a presenter of the morning TV channel “360 suburbs” went to the main event movie for the next Cannes film festival. It has already managed many celebrities, including woody Allen, Victoria Beckham, Julianne Moore, Kristen Stewart, and many others. Among the Russian stars of Cannes-2016 visited Victoria Bonya and Lena Lenina, once again struck the public fancy.

      Lena Lenina attracted the attention of movie stars at the Cannes film festival

      Alina Alekseeva and her friend, actress Anna Tsukanova-Cott, wife of the famous Director Aleksandr Kott, decided to break away in your journey in one of the most exquisite countries in the world. The girls rented a BMW convertible to explore the French Riviera with the wind, and also look at the luxurious villas and enjoy the sea surface. “We will dissect in the beautiful dresses and red lipstick” — shared with subscribers of his microblog Tsukanov-Kott. “How cool, when around and in the eyes of the sea”, — wrote Alekseev in social networks.

      Жена Константина Крюкова отрывается в Каннах

      To have fun to girls was a success. “We’re having a great time. Thanks Alina, that she was there,” expressed their impressions from the trip on the Mediterranean sea Tsukanov-Kott.

      Of course, Anna and Alina did not leave without attention the red carpet of the Cannes film festival and partying with superstars, which take place after the shows. Especially for such important events Tsukanov-Kott rented a luxurious Golden dress and brought it to France from Moscow.

      As for the wife Konstantin Kryukov, she decided to go out not in “brilliant” way, but in a classic and elegant. She wore a white jacket with a monochromatic dress. Outfit Alina added pumps, a grey clutch bag with thin strap and massive cross encrusted with pearls. To their appearance Alekseev reacted with irony. “White on red and laughter! It is impossible for anything to be taken seriously. Especially for yourself,” expressed the emotions of the presenter and PR in social networks.

      We will remind that Konstantin Kryukov Alina Alekseeva and married in 2013. Their acquaintance, which occurred in 2009, it was random. Actor’s wife came in for an interview for the position of PR Manager Kryukov. But in the end it turned out that outside of work, Alina has arranged and your personal life. Young people are constantly seen together at social events and film shootings. Four years later they decided to legitimize the relationship.

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