Виктория Лопырева ответила на обвинения в пластике The model laid out in the microblog the frame where her face looks like doll. Fans of Victoria considered that the lips of the girl in the picture seem to be much more than in the previous pictures, and has accused the star in the plastic.

      Виктория Лопырева ответила на обвинения в пластике

      Appearance, Victoria Lopyreva many consider perfect. The model is proud of his chiseled figure and proportional facial features. The girl regularly publishes in social networks, selfies and shots from professional photo shoots. One of such pictures aroused the indignation of the fans lopyrevoy.

      The photo in the microblog that Victoria showed yesterday, you can see that her lips have become much more. The frame was made during a stay of a model in Paris. Fans couldn’t help but notice the changes on the girl’s face.

      The “lip bust”, “Sponge or something, rocked?”, “Not being myself”, “what in this photo is the work of a good surgeon, such faces are obtained after a series of operations,” wrote lopyrevoy followers. Some subscribers called the girl face a doll, like Barbie.

      Виктория Лопырева ответила на обвинения в пластике

      The model, apparently, was uncomfortable by such comments, and she said that it’s not a good photo. “Is to inflate lips – so many insights, and I’m just tired to complain and decided,” explained his expression in the picture Victoria.

      By the way, this is not the first case when the lips lopyrevoy become the object of heated debate among the subscribers of the star. About a year ago the model was vacationing in Miami, where he shared hot shots. One of them lips, Victoria seemed to her followers too large. Then Lopyreva told that my skin reacted to the scorching sun, and she did not resort to the help of plastic surgeons.

      Lip augmentation with Botox and other drugs is a very common procedure among celebrities. Some stars hide what I was doing special cosmetic injections, while others do not hesitate to talk about such techniques beauty. TV presenter Maria Malinowska proud of the plasticity of your lips. According to star, after surgery she began to look more harmonious. Some fans, when I saw the collage of photos the leading in 19 and 29 years, said that with age, Malinovskaya only prettier. Masha Malinovskaya happy with their silicone lips

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