Ани Лорак устроила дочери вечеринку в стиле Дисней The birthday girl greeted many stars that brought on holiday with their young successors. Among the first guests at the event appeared the godfather’s daughter, Ani Lorak, Philip Kirkorov.

      Ани Лорак устроила дочери вечеринку в стиле Дисней

      Beloved daughter Ani Lorak Sonia was five years old. The girl met for the first anniversary in all its glory. Parents threw her a Grand celebration. Ani and her husband Murat, Nalchajian not spared money in order to impress younger guests Sonia.

      Getting on celebration, friends girls and their star parents tolerated in the magical atmosphere of Disneyland. They were met by heroes of popular cartoons, including Russian. Mickey mouse, rainbow and other cartoon characters, which children love, entertained the audience the whole day. A giant decoration in the form of a castle reminded the guests about the legendary amusement Park. The birthday girl and her friends took part in various competitions, enjoyed delicious desserts and took pictures in the photo booth, brought specially for the event.

      Ани Лорак устроила дочери вечеринку в стиле Дисней

      Interestingly, one of the first guests at a children’s party has become the godfather of Sonya Philip. The singer arrived with their children Alla-Victoria and Martin. The kids were dressed very smartly and happily joined in the General merriment.

      “Beloved goddaughter Sofia the first anniversary – 5 years! Beautiful holiday in a circle of friends,” the singer wrote on his page in Instagram.

      It is worth noting that the birthday girl prepared for a day of birth very seriously. She did a festive hairstyle and wearing a pretty dress. Sonya looked like a real Princess.

      Ани Лорак устроила дочери вечеринку в стиле Дисней

      Recall that Ani Lorak long concealed his daughter from the General public. She published photos of the baby only from the back. Recently, however, the singer changed her mind and showed the face of the daughter on his page in the social network “Instagram”. Fans of the star were surprised how the girl looks like her mom and dad at the same time.

      Fans of Ani Lorak discuss her grown up daughter

      “Beauty Sonechka”, “Lovely photo, good luck to you”, “Little Princess, just like her mother. Let it grow healthy. Wish you happiness and love”, “Wonderful girl”, “Sure, you grow incredibly talented child”, “Very sweet girl”, “Little angel”, “they grow up so fast, your family should take an example. Thank you for being there,” wrote in the comments to the post lorac its subscribers.

      Ани Лорак устроила дочери вечеринку в стиле Дисней

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