Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли The last two days, the pregnant presenter became the main topic of discussion in the Network. At the award ceremony of the magazine “abakay” friends of Ksenia Sobchak confirmed this joyous occasion. Woman for a long time did not want to have children and called them “small bastard”. “StarHit” decided to recall, as Ksenia Sobchak overcame his dislike to the kids and decided to become a mother.

      Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли

      Within three years of the publication periodically spread rumors about the pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak. Usually, the conversations occurred after the journalists saw photographs in which the presenter have a little bulging belly. Star laughed at such news and even created in the “Instagram hashtag “#is not pregnant”. In an interview that Xenia gave after the marriage, she repeatedly said that plans to have children, but never reported when it wants to give birth to the firstborn.

      However, before such statements from the star it was pointless to expect – a few years ago Xenia with undisguised hostility to relate to children and even declared that she will never be.

      Recently it became clear that Sobchak really expecting a baby. At the opening of the exhibition artist léon Bakst outfit using the stars stood out rounded tummy. Lyudmila Narusova, mother leading, information about the interesting position of daughters is not confirmed. “Two years ago during “Kinotavr” also someone wrote that Xenia is pregnant. And something this pregnancy took longer than planned,” said the woman.

      The emergence of Sobchak in tight dress, which was a tight fit in the tummy, at the ceremony awards “sobakawa” in St. Petersburg dispelled all doubts. During the event, a friend of famous blondes Nika Belotserkovskaya shouted from the audience that Xenia is pregnant, and Andrey Malakhov even kissed the belly of a star. Sobchak just silently smiled and did not comment on his interesting position. Pregnancy Ksenia Sobchak confirmed

      “StarHit” decided to recall what was the path of Ksenia Sobchak to motherhood and how over the years her idea of a happy family.

      Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли

      “Little suckers”

      A few years ago, many Internet users believed that Xenia hates kids. Such conclusions were made after the sharp statements to the leading. Once the Network got the Sobchak conversation with the superintendent about what time of day not to make noise.

      “Now I warn you, any children’s hours in this house will not, we are not in kindergarten live! Today, in the hour of the day, I’ll show you what rave parties. You will have quiet hours anyway. You just have to understand and be comfortable with this thought: if, because of the little bastard you will continue to arrange some kind of baby watch, I will arrange discos. At exactly this time”, – said Sobchak.
      Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли

      The journalists wouldn’t stop asking leading, when she will become a mother. Kseniya was tired of these conversations and a show of NTV made a statement. “And if to give birth, only for yourself and only when you want. And just when you think it’s going to be a thrill. While this is not among my priorities, but maybe someday it will change. Even more: I’m sure that will change. “Get the raccoon!” – “And why is it us?” – I always have these questions so react that and I no raccoon well”, – said Sobchak.

      Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли

      In Instagram many young moms who loved their kids, regularly post their photos to frames and come up with a cute signature. This behavior of women with children in the social network were outraged Ksenia.

      “I have a disappointing guess, it seems to me that this obsession of women to child fotoexhibitions lies in the fact that they simply have nothing else to be proud of, and they do their own child the main subject of his boasting. Well, somewhere between Birkin bag rare color and a new leather jacket Saint Laurent”, – said Sobchak.

      Plans about children

      The TV presenter was first conceived in the summer of last year. However, according to Ksenia, only giving birth to a child, it is impossible to leave a memory of yourself in this world. Such judgments of the stars repeatedly caused controversy among women who consider motherhood my vocation.

      “I don’t want to have babies in 60 years. Now I don’t know what they told me. The clock is ticking. But I have a big tension between biological necessity and the fact that I like my life today. I’m afraid that the kids will change. I don’t understand why I need these changes. When people get bored when they are in need of greater love and tenderness, they want children. I was happy with everything”, – told about his anguish of a star.
      Путь к материнству: как Ксения Собчак готовилась к главной роли

      Ksenia Sobchak has married Maxim Vitorgan in 2013. Some time after the wedding, everything began to ask the star and her entourage when you’re waiting for the addition to the family. Ksenia’s mother Lyudmila Narusova in an interview with “StarHit” told me that her daughter is ready for a heirs. Lyudmila Narusova: “Ksenia ready to children, with diapers I’ll help!”. However, Sobchak was lack of communication with your daughter Vitorgan from a previous marriage, Polina.

      “They communicate well, how could it be otherwise? Moreover, they already call each other as something apart from me: they have their own questions, I find out after the fact”, – said Maxim.

      Indeed, Pauline Vitorgan and Ksenia found a common language. The girl says that she needs to learn commitment, which is inherent in the wife of her father. “I am nice to her, she is very smart and interesting. And likes to work what she can learn,” said the heiress. The daughter takes the example Vitorgan Sobchak

      Internet users believe that with the advent of their children Xenia will behave much softer, will no longer conflict with colleagues and to criticize other women who consider motherhood the purpose of their lives.

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