Виктория Карасева сообщила о пластической операции
Some time ago, to the delight of fans of the ex-participant of TV project “Dom-2” Victoria Karasev appeared again in the social network.

Виктория Карасева сообщила о пластической операции

A long time Tory came online, causing fans to worry about yourself, and now is willing to communicate with subscribers.

Recently, Karasev decided to talk about the injection on the lips and about the problems that arose later.

“In 2008, I made slight injections for lip augmentation (duration of response six months), but the other day I got stung by a bee right in the upper lip. I went to the clinic. Said that everything will pass, but as I understand, there was a reaction that reflected such a deformation. Of course, everything right, but want to stay away from surgical procedure,” shared the woman.

Recall that a few years ago, the tories scare everyone, when seriously damaged the esophagus after swallowing a seashell. After that, she has long recovered.

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