Ушел из жизни звезда сериалов «Глухарь» и «Ранетки» Сергей Бездушный The actor died after a long illness. A few years ago he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The man was 53 years old. Colleagues and friends Soulless my condolences go out to his family and friends.
Ушел из жизни звезда сериалов «Глухарь» и «Ранетки» Сергей Бездушный

Sergey Soulless died at the age of 53 years. As reported by his family and friends, he struggled with serious illness. The star of the show “cold case” was moved to 2013 brain surgery after rupture of an intracranial hematoma resulting from the injury. After that, doctors diagnosed him with “brain tumor”.

On the page of Sergey Soulless in the social network appeared a post, which left his son, Philip. According to the artist’s heir, his father fought heroically with the disease.

“Today at 12:30 was not a great man! From actor, father, huge-hearted man – a Soulless Sergey! The last years he struggled with a terrible disease and fought heroically, giving no hint to anyone! You remain in our hearts and our memories! Thank you for what you were with us!” – written by Philip.
Ушел из жизни звезда сериалов «Глухарь» и «Ранетки» Сергей Бездушный

Familiar artist I offer my condolences to his family and friends and remember the talents of Sergei. “Eternal memory, no words, so light”, “Kingdom of heaven”, “he is. As hard and painful. We have not met. I’m sorry for everything,” wrote the social network, upon learning the tragic news.

Igor Nezovybatko studied with the actor in the same University. “Death is already beginning to take people from our generation. Today died my classmate and old friend Sergei Heartless…” said the man on his page on “Facebook”.

Actor and Director Alexander Elisaratel also devoted a post to a friend. “To The Memory Of Sergei Soulless. Today was not a good actor, good person Sergei Callous, my friend. The bright memory of you, Serge. Mourn and remember,” shared the actor.

Another colleague Sergei Soulless joined the many expressions of sympathy on the death of the actor. “What a pity that you never got to meet you…Sorry for everything…a Terrible, hard day! Leave this here to always remember…” — posted by Artem Barsukov.

Sergey Heartless was born on 5 September 1963. He received education in VTU Shchepkin — he studied in the course of Viktor Korshunov. At different times man could be seen on the stage of the Theatre on Taganka and the Moscow art theater named after Gorky. In addition, the artist actively acted in movies and TV series — on account of his participation in 34 projects. Sergei remembered by the audience due to the role of the father of Lena in “Ranetki” and Romana in “the wood-Grouse”. Soulless also starred in “Hour Volkova”, “Wedding ring”, “żukowo”, “New life detective Gurov”, “Stunt” and “Law & order: Division of operative investigations”. Basically Sergey played in the episodes.