Умерла исполнительница хита «Черный кот» Тамара Миансарова The sad news was announced by the student national actress Alika Smekhova. The last years of his life, the singer languished in poverty and was confined to bed. The woman the Soviet Union learned through the songs “Let there always be sunshine” and many others, needed help and special care.
Умерла исполнительница хита «Черный кот» Тамара Миансарова

Today it became known about the death of Tamara Miansarova, people’s artist, loved by millions thanks to the hits “Black cat” and “Let there always be sunshine”. The woman was gone on 87-m to year of life. The sad news was announced by the friends of the family of the singer and her student Alika Smekhova. In his microblog actress posted a post dedicated to the teacher who, by her own admission, a lot gave her.

“Today, 12 July, and later died at Tamara Miansarova – the Soviet and Russian singer, Professor of RATI… My vocal coach studied at GITIS. Condolences to her husband and daughter, Mark M. and kata, as well as all friends and family… the Peace of God… the Kingdom of heaven… Remember and mourn. Thanks for everything,” wrote Smekhova.

In September last year “StarHit” wrote about what happened to Tamara Miansarova. The actress underwent a major surgery on the neck of the femur. Then lost the ability to move independently. The singer was bedridden and became a prisoner to my own apartment. The confessions of friends of the legendary singer, the last years of her life was a real pain.

Tamara Miansarova, sang the hit “Black cat”: poverty, illness and betrayal of the son

“All three years, Tamara was bedridden couldn’t get out – jumped the joint, – told “StarHit” the singer’s husband mark Feldman. The wife never was in the street. In our house there is no lift and the apartment – the balcony”.

The confessions wife of people’s favorite, their family was in a very difficult position. In the treatment and care needed not only Tamara Miansarova, but also their daughter Kate.

“Our care is partly the 45-year-old daughter Katya. The fate of her heavy – neither wife nor children. Many years ago Kate was hit by a car, she has damaged the pelvis. She has problems with her legs, but the disability was not given. Can not work, her husband was killed in the fight. Half the food out of the fridge and pass it through the painkillers the nurse,” admitted mark Feldman.

A few years ago, after learning about the deplorable situation in which Tamara Miansarova, her student Alika Smekhova announced the collection of funds necessary for her treatment. Then, the actress has openly declared to the public that her teacher is forced to languish and needs the help of caring people. Money for the operation for the people’s artist collected all the world.