Александр Кержаков замял скандал с «браконьерством» The player has found a way out of an unpleasant situation. A few days ago, netizens have accused Alexander Kerzhakov in the illegal catching of fish. The athlete did not shirk responsibility and offered a solution that caused the respect from the fans.
Александр Кержаков замял скандал с «браконьерством»

A few days ago, the famous football player Alexander Kerzhakov has been out fishing. With friends athlete was in Karelia. They are unable to indulge in your favorite hobby and went with fishing rods on lake Onega. The man in the microblog published a photo, which boasted a catch – he was holding four large salmon. However, the Network has a bit of an argument – is there a ban on fishing at this time of year. The athlete decided to stop the unnecessary discussions and to settle the matter in a simple way – he intends to release in the water the fry to keep the population of this species.

“About that salmon prohibited catch in Onega, I learned only from the Internet and, of course, wouldn’t a photo with this rare fish. Looking at what the response in the country caused my publication, I will soon come to Karelia and released several thousand juvenile salmon in lake Onega,” said the man.

Fans were surprised by this initiative and supported Alexander. They recognized that Kerzhakov made the right decision. “Well Done, Sasha!”, “As always the best!” “Sasha, you’re a real man! Proud that we have such players!”, “Alexander, you are done! Not everyone will be able with honour and dignity out of the situation!” wrote enthusiastic fans.

The famous athlete noted that his Facebook page had a lot of caring people who worry about the preservation of salmon populations in Onicom the lake. He decided that people would be nice to do something good for the environment, and therefore called on all to support his campaign. He hopes that there are many active citizens who want to do better than their native land.

“Also I would like to join those who are fighting for the preservation of this rare species of fish! I will see firsthand how many people in our country not only write and speak about this issue, but his example can show this to anyone else! The time and place I will report later. P. S. the Previous photo with the salmon I will not be clean, so that all might have an idea, how does the wild salmon and to catch him in the Onega lake is prohibited!” – wrote player.