Rita Dakota shared the secret to a perfect relationship

Рита Дакота поделилась секретом идеальных отношений
Singer said what makes her personal happiness.

Rita Dakota with Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: Instagram.com

Rita Dakota often writes about his personal life, about
relationship with Vlad Sokolovsky, and recently began to share interesting
news “from the life of the pregnant”. But fans regularly ask about other: how has she managed
to build the perfect relationship with her husband.

“You often ask me what is the secret to a perfect relationship as
to stir up the marriage, like clippings of magazines, the tale of children’s dreams..
Honestly, I don’t know how we got so lucky and how many buses with orphans we saved
in a past life, if we have each other, but I do know one thing: in our
case everything rests on three pillars:

1. Friendship (the real one with the nuclear
humor, support in difficult times and a kick in the ass per minute, when the ass
need it most, but no suspects with the desire to hang out together
constantly and to do everything for the development and growth of his friend, in short, with all
components of the tandem two best friends.

2. Passion (I don’t just mean
sex, and about chemistry in General. When always want to kiss even in public
places when the creeps when he’s not around, and you smell t-shirt with a train in it
perfume from the cupboard, and butterflies in the stomach…

Respect (here, too, about all: respect his choice not to watch a movie with you,
I want you’re the only one, and not to be like you “need to” respect
his “quirks” and life ways with which you disagree, the respect for
personal boundaries and personal freedom. This freedom is, by the way, can
any: it is freedom of choice, will, decisions, religion, expression,
creativity and a million different “freedoms”, the respect which we cherish each

Here’s a simple and simultaneously confusing as a tangle of as a spindle,
the scheme, says Dakota. — No, we don’t really argue, it’s true. And we
warned that will begin, as will moving in together. Not started. Then they say
let’s start once you’re married. Also not started. Then he claimed he’ll start when
get pregnant and the hormones will hit. Also in no way pleased wishing. Here
now are predicting that will start when Malishka will appear. Or “that’s when 15
years of marriage last”. Waiting very anxiously, too. Although we assume that these prophecies
only work with couples where on these three pillars and I never heard of. And whales are cool,
tested, working”.