Виктория Дайнеко заболела вместе с дочкой и мужем
The singer became a victim of the epidemic.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: Instagram

Victoria Daineko a cold in Nizhny Novgorod, where he went to perform at one of the local clubs. At home, in Moscow, the girl, alas, has infected the whole family — husband Dmitry Kleiman and little daughter, which in a couple of weeks will be six months.

“A week later I was already on sick leave, complaining about Victoria. I’ve been ill the whole family. It seems that it will never end! Really want to tomorrow be better than today…”

It’s the worst, affects children, especially small things like a daughter to Victoria and Dmitry. Fans of the star immediately “threw” favorite singer tips how to be cured from the virus.

By the way, recently Vika began to treat sore back. “The greatest happiness in life does not give his back to straighten, said Daineko. Girls, my advice: strengthen your back before you decide to become a mother is never over! Because even the best moment in life has its consequences. I’ll go see how’s my spine.” “The best moment in my life” Vick, of course, implies daughter. A young mother repeatedly said that often the girl is not in a wheelchair and on his hands, this, apparently, led to the problem with his back.

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