Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж
Elect Katya Ivanchikova became guitarist Leonid Tereshchenko.

Солистка группы IOWA вышла замуж

Kate Ivanchikova

Photo: @gruppa_iowa (Instagram} Ivanchikova)

The soloist of the group “IOWA” Kate ivanchikova who became famous after the hits “Smile” and “Minibus”, got married. The chosen one happy bride became her colleague, guitarist and songwriter of the group, Leonid Tereshchenko.

Musician and singer have been together for seven years, but have never spoken about their relationship. Even sharing a romantic holiday in Thailand they had arranged it so that no one would suspect that they have long been in love with each other.

To understand what Leonid and Kate together were greeted by the sunrises, relaxing on the warm beach and slept in a hammock, was only comparing the fact that both the guitarist and the singer was vacationing in Koh Samui at the same time and posted photos of the same places.

Three months ago Kate has published in the microblog an intriguing photo where she posed in a wedding dress. However, an interesting picture of the soloist of the group did not comment. However, later admitted that he really is getting married soon, but have not decided till date. “I will say one thing: my choice — a man from the world of art, — said Katya. — I think that two creative people can easily get along because they speak the same language. In General, everything depends on the ambitions of each, the main thing — to fulfill your potential and to receive pleasure, then you will not want to sort things out. Usually, people are frustrated at each other because of professional failures”.

Only today, after the information about the wedding snared, Leonid posted a picture together with his wife, leaving no doubt – the lovers are really secretly married.
“Words and music can not live without each other, — says Leonid, — a song is born”. Your post musician gave the hashtags: today, love, spring, happy. The hint is quite transparent, because of the famous hit “Minibus” they wrote together: Kate — words, and Leonid — music.

Ivanchikova Katya and Leonid Tereshchenko

Photo: @lenny_iowa (Instagram Leonid Tereshchenko)

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