Звезду группы SEREBRO готовят к серьезной операции
Daria Shashina: “the Situation with health is quite serious.”

Daria Shashina and Olga Seryabkina

One of the most colorful member of the group SEREBRO waiting for
a difficult test. Daria Shashina being examined immediately in
several Moscow clinics and preparing for surgery on both legs:
presumably, it will be held in an Israeli medical center.

“I got a foot injury 9 years ago, when I was a student
the theatre school. Unfortunately, pain in the legs again made themselves
to know, and the situation is quite serious,” said 7days.ru the Dasha.

“Daria for several months, undergoing tests, and, if
it is necessary, do the surgery or two as it would be needed. Maxim
Aleksandrovich Fadeev, of course, offered the singer all the assistance
can provide: of course, neither he nor one person in our production
the center doesn’t want Dasha left the project. No substitute now we don’t
looking for, probably until the end of April at least] will have to make
active participation in the life of the group will be touring, if she didn’t
will be complications. But the health of all our artists always come first
place, and, if we were to refuse to work with Dasha
so be it. Now we wish Dasha forces and health”, — told in
the press service of the producer centre of Maxim Fadeev.

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