Victoria Dayneko does not allow parents ex-husband to see his daughter

Виктория Дайнеко не разрешает родителям бывшего мужа видеться с дочерью Dmitry Kleiman openly talked about the problems in the family. The man became the hero of the program “You wouldn’t believe!”. He does not hide that is rarely found with the heiress because of the prohibitions of the ex-wife.
Виктория Дайнеко не разрешает родителям бывшего мужа видеться с дочерью

Cheryl Cole and Dmitry Kleiman officially ceased to be husband and wife in mid-September 2017. Their divorce was accompanied by numerous scandals, because the singer accused the choice of infidelity. Now a young woman of a daughter Lydia.

In an interview for the program “You wouldn’t believe!” the singer stressed that does not prohibit ex-lover to meet the child.

“I allow him to see his daughter, and do not limit in time. Think of a father in a child’s life, the better,” said Daineko.

However, Dmitry Kleiman does not agree with vyskazyvanii ex-wife. Talking to reporters he admitted that he really can meet the baby, but this happens infrequently because of barriers posed by Victoria.

Recently a year-old Lydia had a birthday. The musician was able to talk with the girl and give her a gift. Dmitry is not going to abandon parental responsibilities.

“I pay child support, where without them. Vika reluctant to make concessions to me, my parents and all year granddaughter has not seen. However, we do not want to resolve the issue through the courts,” said Kleiman.

Fans are sure that Victoria is still hard to see her ex-husband. They drew attention to the fact that Dmitry was absent at the birthday celebration of two years, Lydia. At the ceremony Dayneko fun in the company of many friends.

The young woman threw a great party in honor of the little girl. The hall in which the event took place, was decorated with white and pink balloons. When the singer is still not showing fans sharing photos with my daughter, only occasionally talking about the achievements and successes of girls.

Now Victoria tries not to relive the past and not to discuss the reasons for separation from spouse. Dmitry Kleiman also reluctantly communicates with journalists. The man tries to ignore the painful divorce and start a new life.

In an interview for the program “You wouldn’t believe!” Daineko emphasized that is not yet ready for a new relationship. Now the singer wants to be lonely, enjoy free time, which completely dedicates his beloved daughter.