Victoria Bonia was intrigued by the message about the new husband

Виктория Боня заинтриговала сообщением о новом муже TV presenter and model hinted that her heart is occupied. Apparently, the choice of Victoria Boni set up very seriously. The alleged lover of a star not only has her attentions, but cares about angelina Letizia.
Виктория Боня заинтриговала сообщением о новом муже

At the beginning of year it became known that TV presenter and model Victoria Bonya parted with the civil husband Alex Servicom, a father of a beautiful Angelina Letizia. Despite the fact that the former lovers decided to break up, they have kept a good relationship among themselves. As it turned out, the heart Bonnie did not stay free. The woman twirled a new novel, found out about what the viewers of her live broadcast to social networks.

However, Victoria prefers not to share details about the second half. Celebrity just gave to understand that set up very seriously against the chosen one. Oil poured into the fire, and luxurious ring with a precious stone that adorns the ring finger of the right hand model.

“Her husband was at work… Yes, I have a husband. But I won’t show you. And don’t tell anything about him,” said Victoria.
Виктория Боня заинтриговала сообщением о новом муже

Apparently, the new beloved Bonnie has already made friends with her daughter. In early September, Victoria has reported that a mysterious chosen one pleased with angelina Leticia unexpected surprise.

“We have Angelina loves leopards. Here my husband sent her a leopard. Found, bought and sent her a large leopard,” – said Victoria.

Bonia has also demonstrated the impressive size of the toy that the child loves. It is quite possible that the girl and gave it a new chosen star. Angelina Letizia came to the delight of the stuffed animal. “He guards her sleep. You know, like really? Beautiful, huh? And he’s still on leopard pillow,” shared the celebrity.

Виктория Боня заинтриговала сообщением о новом муже

At the same time, some Internet users said that Victoria Bonia dress up the reality, speaking of the new relationship. “She has no husband”, and “Probably cheating”, “If Boney had been chosen, she would post a photo with him every fifteen minutes,” discussed the ill-wishers. However, in Victoria there were also supporters, who asked critics to restrain his ardor and to stop to judge her. “And maybe I met a new love? How do we know? Wants and hides,” said the one who stood up for the woman.

Earlier, Victoria open up during the live broadcast in one of social networks. In March, Bonia announced that her heart’s taken. “I have five minutes to married, what sorrow? Yes, I’m in love again,” said the celebrity.

Recall, Victoria Bonya announced the breakup with Alex Servicom in February of this year. The presenter has devoted former lover publish to Instagram.

“He is my friend and beloved man, I’m sure it always will be. I know that many will now begin to misquote and invent their own version. It is not a spontaneous decision, we came to him six months ago,” shared Victoria.