The son of the deceased Tamara Miansarova begs her forgiveness

Сын скончавшейся Тамары Миансаровой молит ее о прощении The successor of the Soviet stars of the stage became the guest of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. He talked about his feelings and publicly asked for forgiveness from the mother. The man regrets that he was not able to talk with a relative before he died.
Сын скончавшейся Тамары Миансаровой молит ее о прощении

Tamara Miansarova died after a long struggle with illness on 12 July 2017. Fans of the stars upset sad news, but a lot more shocked them information about the last months of the artist. It turns out that son Andrew was rarely visited by his mother, and the woman lived in poverty.

Heir to the stars don’t hide the fact that I have not seen the mother and talked with her. The fact that the man was arguing with the elect Tamara Grigorievna mark Feldman.

The son of the artist became the hero of the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Barely holding back tears, the man told about his experiences.

“If I could reach her, I would say “sorry”. I’m 18 years old left home and began his life. Mom I have something to say, but too late now. The last five years we practically did not communicate” – said the heir to the singer Andrey Malakhov.
Сын скончавшейся Тамары Миансаровой молит ее о прощении

However, the man denies all the accusations. He emphasizes that he is not going to fight for maternal inheritance. Andrew does not claim to the apartment, which is now home to mark Feldman.

Tamara Miansarova, sang the hit “Black cat”: poverty, illness and betrayal of the son

The guest of the program “live” became the honoured artist of Russia Galina Nenasheva. For many years she was friends with Tamara Miansarova and knew how to live a famous singer.

“Tamara has survived only thanks to Mark. Children in General didn’t care. Holidays are not arranged, not visited her,” said Nenashev.

Galina had publicly condemned Mark for his reluctance to communicate with her mother in the difficult years. The man said that the feud between him and mark Feldman began many years ago. According to Andrew, the stepfather was not sincere in his feelings towards Miansarovoj and had a Mercantile purpose. “I’m glad I at least managed to save the country from the sale. This is our nest, and he will give,” said the heir of the artist.

Husband of Tamara Miansarova forced to sell the apartment

Recently, mark Feldman said that he is going to sell a share in the apartment, which he bequeathed to his wife. A widower wants to put a nice monument to the wife, but it need a lot of money. Knowing this, Andrey Malakhov has offered to run a charity event that helps to raise funds and to honor the memory of the great actress.