Виктория Боня заговорила о расставании с женихом TV presenter commented on the rumors about the breakup with the father of her child. Victoria Bonia rarely publishes photos with her lover, which allows fans of the stars to make different guesses.

      Виктория Боня заговорила о расставании с женихом

      Most fans of “House-2” the love story of a simple Russian girl Victoria Boni and billionaire from Monaco Alex Smerfit reminiscent of the tale of Cinderella. Most likely, early in his career, being the heroine of the famous electroni leading never dreamed that one day she will move into one of the most beautiful corners of Europe. However, the most ambitious plans of Victoria came true, and now she is bathed in luxury, enjoying life in the society of the man she loved.

      Apparently, many fans Boni prone to skepticism, therefore, that the matter is in their ranks there are rumors that the star has parted with the civil husband. Moreover, the preparations for the wedding, the couple seem to have been delayed. The most attentive followers of the microblog, leading to constantly pay attention to the fact that Victoria rarely publishes a General photo with Alex. According to them, this may be a bell that the relationship of the couple came disorder.

      Apparently, tired of idle speculation, Victoria hastened to comment on the break with the choice.

      “For some reason many believe if there is no joint photo in Instagram, it means that people are no longer together… We’re not fans of the relationship on display. We’ve been together for five and a half years never going. Thank you for the experience… we’re all set,” wrote Bonya in his microblog.

      Recall, Victoria and Alex got acquainted on one of parties in Moscow. The billionaire was resting in the company of friends, and the presenter came with friends. The lovers have been together for more than five years, but do not hurry to formalize their relationship. The couple lives in a civil marriage. Bonnie and Smurfit have a daughter Angelina Leticia, which came to light in 2012. The girl’s citizenship of the Principality of Monaco, as her parents live there and are not going to move neither in Russia, nor in Ireland, where I came from Alex.

      Victoria Bonya gave her daughter a Royal celebration

      In March the family celebrated the fourth birthday of her daughter. “Grandpa has a surprise for Angelina, now let’s go swim with the dolphins. Our birthday girl found a friend (says like Ken),” – said in a microblog Bonya. The followers rejoiced that the successor to the stars “House-2” have the opportunity to see dolphins at close range. They noticed that all children without exception love animals, and joined in the congratulations.

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