Алексей Воробьев развлекся в постели с певицей Actor passionately hugs a spectacular blonde. Alex played a hot lover in the clip, Maria MIA “a Letter”. In addition, the artist acted as the Director of this video. The novelty was both dramatic and epic.

      Алексей Воробьев развлекся в постели с певицей

      In the microblog the eligible bachelor of Alexey Vorobyov appeared passionate video in which he kisses and tight hugs a spectacular blonde. To the delight of fans of the singer, is the script of the video “Letter”.

      Alexei Vorobyov married the finalist of “Miss Russia”

      Vorobyov acted as the Director of this video, filmed for the song the young singer Maria MIA. Working on the debut video of the singer were very long, so his actors fueled the curiosity of the fans, by posting footage from the shooting in their microblogs. Sparrows became a bodyguard, fell in love with the beloved of his boss, played by Igor jijikin. Men are fighting for the heart of a beautiful girl. A love triangle becomes the cause of the tragedy. The hero Alexei is killed in the end of the video.

      The Director called the novelty “the most epic clip of summer” and showed an excerpt in his microblog. The video has generated conflicting opinions among fans of the artist. Most praised the Director’s work Vorobyov.

      “What the clip before tears broke through”, “Video filmed very high quality, beautiful, touching”, “Fascinating story. Hurts and can’t stop thinking about this latest look of a bodyguard. Beautifully filmed tragedy, it is a fortune!”, “The video is good, song no”, – such opinion was left followers Vorobyov in his microblog.

      The Director worked together with the singer Maria every detail of her image. Together, they even chose a dress in which she was involved in a scene where the character of Alex teaching her to shoot. However, during the filming of the video the cast was not lucky with the weather. “Not every woman would survive even one such brace, and Maria, despite the bitter cold and the wall the ice storm, overcame himself, and, in soaking wet clothes, take after take back the frame along with us! Even have to Jijikine teeth chattered from the cold. Such courage and strength of will can only admire!” – talked about their experiences working with the artist sparrows.

      Many viewers who have already seen “the Letter”, called the Director Alexei real Hollywood blockbuster.

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