Паулина Андреева демонстрирует любовь к Бондарчуку The actress stopped to hide their feelings to the groom. Paulina Andreeva was published in the microblog joint photo with Fedor Bondarchuk, although, judging by the rare appearance of images in social networks, the actress is a big fan to put his personal life on display. Fans could not fail to note the adoration in the Director looked at her feet.

      Паулина Андреева демонстрирует любовь к Бондарчуку

      A few months ago the news that a famous film Director Fyodor Bondarchuk broke up with his wife Svetlana, became one of the most discussed in the Network. It soon became known that Fyodor Bondarchuk intends soon to re-marry. One famous Director was a young actress Paulina Andreev.

      Despite the fact that relatives of the actress and Director did not hide the news of the approaching wedding of a novel and Andreeva, the lovers themselves did not advertise their relationship. They did not appear at social events as a couple, and wouldn’t pose together for photographers. However, the situation has changed at the festival “Kinotavr”, which took place last week in Sochi. It was there on the red carpet of Theodore and Paulina came out of the novel and openly showed their feelings.

      Fyodor Bondarchuk has officially unveiled the bride

      After the closing of the event, the young actress has published in his microblog photo, which she sealed with him. It was particularly surprising to fans of the fact that until recently the actress was not a fan of social media and has exhibited his pictures are very rare. Apparently, she was unable to resist in order not to demonstrate their love Bondarchuk after a spectacular appearance with him on “Kinotavr”.

      In the photo of Fedor with undisguised pleasure looking at her feet, and Paulina both hands held palm Bondarchuk. Fans could not help but notice that the lovers have real feelings and vividly reacted to the publication Andreeva. They erupted with compliments to 49-year-old Director and 27-year-old actress.

      “Oh, well, of course he’s looking at you. Just magic. Love to you and to so all his life. It would be cool!”, “Beautiful couple!”, “Be happy,” wrote the loyal fans of the artist.

      However, as told “StarHit” friends of star pair, the relationship between Theodore and Pauline began last fall. Now the pair is preparing for the wedding, although not according to specific dates. Paulina Andreeva explained why he postponed the wedding a novel

      “Paulina has suspended the process of preparation due to the rising hype,” reported “StarHit” the Director of the actress Olga Loginova. – So it’s hard to talk about dates, time will pass and everything will take place”.

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