ISA has reconciled with ex-husband Body

Айза помирилась с экс-супругом Гуфом The pregnant star has published an intriguing photo. ISA divorced Body three years ago, and still the former husband and wife had only a General’s son. However, apparently, the rapper and businesswoman resumed communicating.

      Айза помирилась с экс-супругом Гуфом

      Fans Gufa for several years with enthusiasm and watched over the development of the novel of the rapper and his lady ISA. In 2010, the couple had a son named Sam. Then followed a series of scandals that culminated in the divorce. Now ISA is married to a surfer does Anaheim. The couple are expecting a baby. After a few months, Sam will have a brother.

      Pregnant ISA Dolmatova basking on the beach in a bikini

      Apparently, after a long period of quarrels with her ex-husband, ISA has finally decided to forgive him and build relationships. Businesswoman has published on his page in Instagram unexpected humorous pictures, which led to the delight of its followers. The picture shows the current spouse ISA Dmitry comfortably on the couch. On his lap sitting young Sam and his dad Guf. “The father”, – signed photo of Anokhin. A little later she posted another picture, which has joined the cheerful company.

      “Alex is on his knees, Dima?”, “The whole family is here!”, “Dima just space, that’s a real man”, “Eyes on the forehead got out, so nice”, “ISA! It is impossible to calm down! It’s so cool just awesome! Another photo, Not everyone will be able to gather into one the past and the present. More such wise men”, “Cool photo rolls”, “well Done, that, despite all odds, found the strength to join”, “Cool! And the child that is better,” wrote Ayse grateful fans.
      Айза помирилась с экс-супругом Гуфом

      We will remind, the family ISA and Gufu was not maintained. Meanwhile, the gap in relations with the beloved were the impetus for career development Dolmatova. ISA managed to try myself in different spheres of activity and became in a short time a true Internet-celebrity.

      She is now remarried and is expecting her second child. Until recently, she never kept in touch with the Body. Communication with her ex-husband was to organize meetings with his son Sam. In social networks Alex was ISA blocked. However, the emotional impulse, the rapper decided to Express my gratitude to the former chosen one through your own account.

      “Simply, I take this opportunity to say Hello to his former wife. I can’t to write to her directly because blocked everywhere, but I want you to know! I thank God for the mother of my child! BA, thank you for Sam! I owe you for the rest of their days. Whatever it is, how could we not “missile” each other in the future, I’m always on with good. Probably, this post looks weird, well, Yes, I agree…,” wrote the rapper.

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