Victoria Bonia remembered Ksenia Sobchak old grudges

Виктория Боня припомнила Ксении Собчак старые обиды The young woman became famous after participating in the project “Dom-2”, leading who many years ago was a famous blonde. However, Soot does not like to remember those times. During the live broadcast on the social network celebrity admitted that no longer communicates with Sobchak and does not plan to establish relations.
Виктория Боня припомнила Ксении Собчак старые обиды

Victoria Bonia made a brilliant career, turning from a simple participant “House-2” in a popular television presenter with a huge army of fans. Several years ago, the model became the participant of scandal. In the Network appeared her intimate photos. Says Bonia, was involved in this Ksenia Sobchak. Since then, the young woman is not in contact with the ex-leading reality show.

“Sobchak does not exist for me. This man for me no more,” sharply commented on the situation four years ago Bonia during the live broadcast in “Instagram”.
Виктория Боня припомнила Ксении Собчак старые обиды

Victoria claims that in addition to the erotic photos uploaded to the network, it dismissed the rumor that is untrue. The purpose of these rumors, according to celebrity, was the desire to tarnish her reputation. Moreover, Bonia believes that because of the hostility of Ksenia Sobchak don’t let her on the show Ulyana Sergeenko.

“Juliana wanted to invite me to your show, to dress up in my clothes, but Sobchak said, “in Any case””, – continues to tell Victoria.

After those events Victoria Bonya and Ksenia Sobchak trying not to interfere in secular events. In addition, the model spends a lot of time abroad, where he participates in various promotional shots. Victoria carefully watching their reputation, trying to avoid scandals. However, in February of this year, her name was splashed across the front pages of all the editions, because then Bonia announced the breakup with the father of her daughter, Alex Servicom. However, the pair managed to break up friends. Presenter willingly allows the father to see his heir. Victoria Bonia suffers from the separation from daughter