Natalia Vodianova told the audience about the hardship of the younger sister

Наталья Водянова поведала о лишениях младшей сестры The model grew up in a large family, her parents raised three daughters. The achievements of the younger sister Christine the star of the catwalks frankly told the fans. The girl had much to endure, to finish University in the UK.
Наталья Водянова поведала о лишениях младшей сестры

Natalia Vodianova has never hesitated to tell about the plight of his family in the past. On the contrary, the model boasts a and the origin, and family and her people.. Today celeb shared the news about the achievements of the younger sister Cristina, who has been through a lot to get a good education.

“My sister, the youngest, Christina, is now a critic. I am very proud of. Now, looking at my daughter Devochku, which 11, it’s hard to imagine that in this same young age, Christina left the Bottom, our home and mother and moved to a boarding school for girls in England” – Frank said the model.
Наталья Водянова поведала о лишениях младшей сестры

Christine has gone to another country without knowledge of the English language. Vodianova said that her sister from his youth was distinguished by diligence and determination. It is these qualities, according to the model, help the girl to make a successful career in the art world.

“On the weekend, when she came to us, we barely met her. She only left his room to eat, and all learned without Tutors, and assistance,” – shares his memories Natalia.

Recall that Vodianova has another younger sister Oksana, who was born with cerebral palsy and severe autism. In 2015, the press scandal due to the fact that a relative of the famous models are not allowed in a cafe in Nizhny Novgorod. This news has not only sparked outrage among most of Natalia, but also shocked many celebrities.

Knowing about the difficulties faced by special children and their parents, the model has founded the Fund “Naked heart”. Within its Fund Natalia is engaged in the construction of playgrounds and providing charitable assistance to people with serious illnesses.