Victoria Bonia publicly humiliated Ksenia Sobchak

Виктория Боня публично унизила Ксению Собчак The model could not forget old grievances. Victoria Bonya sure that Ksenia Sobchak allegedly involved in the distribution of intimate photos and gossip, slandering the reputation of a former member of telestroke. The stars do not communicate for several years.

Former member of telestroke Victoria Bonia rarely talks about those times when she was just starting her career. Now celebrity living abroad and raising a charming daughter angelina Leticia, and the scandalous reality show prefers not to remember. However, fans of women continue to ask her questions about how it relates to the popular TV show and his former leading Ksenia Sobchak. It is known that the stars are not getting along.

Victoria Bonia suddenly stood up for Olga Buzova

In one of the live broadcasts in Instagram, the recording of which recently appeared online, Victoria again reminded Xenia of old grudges.

“Sobchak wrote only to draw attention to himself, to his absolutely ugly person. I’m not talking about her ugly appearance, she is ugly filling. She hates me because I, a former member of the project, suddenly began to appear at international events, and it it warps, and it was there nobody knows… she is ugly man? So she was given this appearance, in the next life it will generally be a crocodile or a rat, you know?” – shared Bonia.

According to Victoria, Ksenia ugly acts against his closest friends, gave Them to understand that it is extremely outraged by the behavior of Sobchak. “I say what I can tell in the eyes. That is, I do not like to sit and throw someone back. All I can say in her eyes. She deserved the words that I’m talking about her. Because she was poisoning my life,” said the celebrity.

Earlier in one of the other live broadcasts in the “Instagrame” Victoria announced that no longer supports the communication with Ksenia. Bonia said she was involved in the publication of her intimate photos on the Internet, so the model can not forgive well-known leading. “Sobchak does not exist for me. This man for me no more,” sharply spoke the woman on the scandal four years ago.

Answering questions from fans, Bonia also stated that he knew of a man once allegedly actively to blossom about the rumors that are untrue. Victoria believes that such speculation is a former presenter of the reality show. The purpose of these stories was to discredit the reputation of the model. According to celebrity, it was not allowed on the show Ulyana Sergeenko due to personal animosity of teledive. “Sobchak said, “in Any case,” said Bonia.