Oksana Fedorova lost business

Оксана Федорова потеряла бизнес TV presenter decided to close the restaurant because, in her opinion, the facility had many shortcomings. Plans Oksana Fedorova starting a new project, which will be better than this. The star has been looking for a suitable place.
Оксана Федорова потеряла бизнес

At the end of last year, the TV host presented by Palatin in the center of Moscow. Oksana oversaw the renovations, meticulously together with the chef was the menu of the restaurant… But all efforts were in vain – during the work of Oksana began to notice the shortcomings of the project.

“First, the institution has failed the entrance – not from the street and from the yard, – told the “StarHit” Fedorov. – This creates discomfort for guests to get inside, you need to go around the house. Second, the technical characteristics of the premises do not allow you to open karaoke, because it attracts customers. I love to sing…”

Оксана Федорова потеряла бизнес

All this prompted Oksana and her partners on the idea that, despite expensive repairs and sub-forces, the institution will have to close.

“A lot of discussions and came to the conclusion that this is the optimal decision, – says the star. Sadly, of course, that we are forced to do so… But the plan is to open a new facility, now choose the place. Already looked at a few options, but so far no one we are not impressed. I’m sure you will find what you need. Of course, it’s a shame that had to say goodbye to Palatin, because it is a well-liked… even in social networks write, saying why it happened? But I want it to be perfect, so I promise the fans – the new restaurant will be even better than the previous. We will consider the errors and create a first-class place.”

Recall that stars have the experience of doing business more than three years she has been managing the show room of clothing Ofera. Oksana Fedorova: “I stopped to throw away the clothes”

“My brand is not and will not worship the worship of “goddesses of thinness”. Look at these dresses: high waist, loose a-line silhouette. Skirt that conceals hips: “year”, “bell”, “Tulip” wrap button fastening. All these things are designed to emphasize strengths and hide the shortcomings of any figure,” said Fedorov.