Виктория Боня готовится к свадьбе с новым избранником
The presenter announced the beginning of a new relationship.

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Victoria Bonia not long experienced a breakup with the civil husband Alex Servicom. As it became known, the star has already started a new novel. In secular circles recently, it was rumored that Victoria will soon go away. And Bonia has officially confirmed the assumption that soon after all will be the first married lady.

During one of the online broadcasts in a social network model, said: “I have five minutes to married, what sorrow? Yes, I’m back in love. In love with this man that you even can not imagine what wisdom. I just love his brain. I love people with brains!”

Fans assume that Victoria found happiness in Los Angeles, where she moved almost immediately after I broke up with Servicom. Bonia admits that feels comfortable in the States and absolutely does not want to return to Monaco, where he lived for the last five years. Her daughter Angelina was left to live with dad and his relatives, and mom and the girl is now seen infrequently.

Rumors that Bonnie had appeared influential boyfriend went after she showed a luxurious rented house in which lives in Los Angeles. According to real estate websites, one day in the mansion with panoramic views of Victoria costs about 1000 euros per day. Fans believe that it pays bona new rich choice.

By the way, Alex, after breaking up with Victoria, too long grieving. After the relations with the Russian star had come to an end, he became a regular at private parties in the French clubs and parties with models in the baths.