The appearance of a grown son Stas Pyekha has caused heated debate in the Network

Внешность подросшего сына Стаса Пьехи вызвала жаркие споры в Сети
The singer congratulated Pete triennium in social networks.

Внешность подросшего сына Стаса Пьехи вызвала жаркие споры в Сети

Stas Pieha

Photo: @wolfieha Instagram Stas Piekha

Stas Peha celebrated the birthday of my son Peter. In his microblog there was a record on how, and for what “services” fate gave him a wonderful heir. “Early spring, a period of painful awakening from its winter obscurity I especially disliked (on a number of unimportant reasons), that’s why life is rehabilitated and gave me a son, at this bleak time… in Order to compensate for the lack of resource and become the reason to wait for March, I think every year is brighter and clearer… Today Peter celebrates 3 years! I sincerely congratulate his mother, grandmothers, great-grandmother, aunt and uncle and all relatives with such a wonderful holiday! And, of course, the hero, happy Birthday, Son!” — he wrote.

Mom birthday model Natalia Gorchakov — also congratulated Pete on a holiday, and he said that he growing years of a very wise and sensible. “You were born in a wonderful day — the day of the vernal equinox brought spring in the lives of those who love you! addressed the son of Natalia. — Dear our treasure! Thank you for being in our lives. Thank you for being such an inquisitive and active and not bored for a minute! Be always same beautiful, kind, thoughtful and unique. Best to you on earth and heaven! Happy Birthday!”

Natalia Gorchakova with son Peter

Photo: @knyaginya Instagram Natalya Gorchakova

Also congratulations Gorchakov has published a rare photo of grown-up Peter, which was perceived by Network users is ambiguous. The fact that Natalia decided to follow the modern fashion and essentially cuts the boy’s hair. So, as it turned out, Peter — the owner is not quite the typical “boy” haircut. Proud mom with love braids on his head braids, the hair does not interfere with the child “to act”.

Long hair males — the subject of longstanding controversy in the Network. Many subscribers believe that these hairstyles are unacceptable for boys. Others consider it the norm. One of the first stars of show business, decided to grow his hair became Irena Ponaroshku. It is, incidentally, still had to explain to some uninformed fans that she has a teenage son, not a daughter. And another famous mom — Svetlana Anokhina — not so long ago surrendered under the onslaught of criticism and made his son Sam a hairstyle “under a zero”.