Николь Кидман отчаянно пытается спасти свой брак
The actress decided to become a mother for the third time in 50 years

Nicole Kidman and Keith urban


As it became
known to the reporter website radaronline.com,
Nicole Kidman and her husband “are working hard to conceive a third child”. As
said the informant of the site, close friend with Nicole, the actress has decided again — already
for the third time to become a mother. And
Kidman did not mind the fact that in June of this year she will be 50
years. “My grandmother gave birth to my mom when she was 49 years old. And I hope that
this will happen to me this year!” said Kidman. If the idea of the actress
realized, it will be able to give a little brother or sister to his two daughters — 8-year-old
Sandy rose and 6-year-old faith Margaret.

other things, for the implementation of the plan of the spouse Nicole — Keith urban decided to go for
considerable sacrifice. To stay with Nicole, he had to cancel his next concert
tour, Kidman because he directly hinted that they will not work if
they will still see each other rarely.

according to friends of the star couple, the decision to Supplement the composition of the family,
the couple took not from good life. The way they are trying to save your marriage.
The fact is that due to the fact that both many forces give to their work, they
spend time together time that is not the best way affects their
relations. Besides, Keith is not too successfully opposed to constantly
encountered during his tours with the temptations — in the form of literally hang on his neck beauties. In the end, the first
the paparazzi caught him at the hotel with an unidentified blonde. And later appeared
rumors that the singer struck up a flirtation with a young singer Kelsey Ballerini. The
never the less, the fans, Kidman still hope that the spouses will manage somehow
to overcome the crisis in their relationship.