Почему Шульженко была вынуждена отказаться от своего любимого
This was stated by the biographer of the famous singer.


Latest novel Claudia Shulzhenko became the most stunning. “George Epifanov loved her whole life and for many years sent letters, signed “G. E.“, attended all the concerts — says the Director, biographer of the legendary singer Michael Kunitsyn. And when they met, his feeling only got stronger. That is George (he was a cameraman of documentary films, traveled to
the country and earned good money) helped Shulzhenko to move out of the hated
communal. He made a contribution in the cooperative
apartment for Claudia. After meeting with Epifanov Shulzhenko younger, perk, again began to speak. Alas, Epifanov, in spite of the passion for Shulzhenko, was married. He had
painful divorce. And to the Registrar’s office with Claudia Ivanovna, as she
wanted, he did not make it”.

They stayed together for eight years. The initiator of the break was not a young lover — Shulzhenko was his senior by 12 years, and the singer herself. Epifanova had to leave, because Claudius told him: “We have
to part!” For George it was a big surprise. He protested:
“But I didn’t give any reason!” “Reason gives my reflection in
the mirror!” — she replied.

“She and Claudia lived in constant violent showdown, it did not control himself in fits of jealousy. Although she still looked youthful. Anniversaries are not celebrated and not allowed
to call themselves by my name: “What do you mean Claudia Ivanovna? I
Claudia!” Many thought Shulzhenko much younger, did not believe that
she has a granddaughter. In General, if she screwed it up, the story of her
love with Epifanov could have another sequel.

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