Victoria Bonia copied image of her famous boyfriend

Виктория Боня скопировала образ своего известного бойфренда
The TV presenter confirmed the rumors about the affair with Belgian football player.

Виктория Боня скопировала образ своего известного бойфренда

Victoria Bonia

Photo: @victoriabonya (Instagram Victoria Boni)

Marouane Fellaini

Victoria Bonia indirectly confirmed his affair with the football player “Manchester United” Marouane Fellaini. On the eve of the former star of “House-2” and now model and TV presenter, celebrated with family and friends for Halloween. Every year, Victoria tries to surprise fans with outfits for a party in honor of “Day of the dead”, but this year the “wise” and did not just clothed in the form of her new lover.

Bonia was published in the football club, which is her boyfriend Marwan. Fans believe that her appearance in this form is confirmation of rumors about the relationship with the Belgian athlete.

About Victoria’s new love interest spoke the other day. More accurately she Bonia have long been hints that her heart was taken, but the identity of the mysterious boyfriend managed to calculate just recently. She was sure that her affair was kept secret as long as possible and ran “duck”. Victoria told fans that meets with a certain Italian Frederico, but later confessed: she called it a name in order to divert suspicion from the real boyfriend.

Rumor has it that the lovers are rare, as the Marouane busy schedule of training and competition. Recently the pair managed to arrange the date in Belgium, where Bonya came for just one day. The rest of the time they maintain long-distance relationships. Familiarity with Victoria player took place thanks to their mutual friend, footballer Didier Drogba.