The new image of Yulia Baranovskaya called “failure”

Новый имидж Юлии Барановской назвали «провалом»
What prompted the presenter to experiment with looks?

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: @baranovskaya_tv Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

On the eve of Yulia Baranovskaya appeared before the fans in an unexpected way: with pink hair and a new haircut. The stars of the First channel were placed in social networks and has undergone a stormy discussion. The fans were quite unhappy with the changes in the image of Julia.

Fortunately, Baranovskaya actually did not make major changes in your image. She later responded to the criticism and explained that her head was wearing a wig and dramatic changes she’s not ready.

“My dear, you are my very best. Even those who do not like experiment with my hair, was very polite and constructive. Thank you! Maybe someone upset, and someone will be happy, but it was a wig. Here is a very-very sudden — this happens. In my entire life I have never dyed my hair and did a haircut only once, at the age of 18 years, decided on highlights, that’s all. And now, finally, answer the most frequently asked questions in the comments “What color hair?” and “What is the number for the paint?”. I think you have already guessed what the response would be: never dyed it my natural color!” — shared Julia.

Probably Baranovskaya tried on the wig for the occasion of the last Halloween. On the “new” hairdo for the occasion decided Anna Netrebko, pokrasivshe temporary hair dye green.