Викторию Боню осудили за непатриотичность The TV presenter raised eyebrows of football fans. Victoria Bonia was rooting for the team of Spain which was opposed to the Russians in yesterday’s match. The subscribers were very unhappy with its position.
Викторию Боню осудили за непатриотичность

A tense match between Russia and Spain ended the long-awaited victory of our players that allowed the team of our country for the first time in the history of the world Cup to reach the quarter-finals. Within minutes after the triumph, as celebrities began to congratulate our team.

But Victoria Bonya, on the contrary, decided to support the Spaniards, which caused the disapproval of subscribers. TV presenter has published in the microblog post, which explained that he believes the enemy team is legendary and would love to stay involved in the world Cup.

“Bonia is not a patriot, your team should be supported, in any case, She believes that we are unable to show beautiful football. Apparently she’s a single game not looking” – says in the comments on the page of Victoria.

Soon the star to permanently reside abroad, hastened to make excuses for repatriations.

“People have often a limited view, which is why they so think. In gymnastics, for example, I’ll always be rooting for the Russians just as in hockey, as in diving. In football, I have other preferences. This is not to say that I don’t love my country,” said Bonia.

The presenter was upset that such talented players like Sergio Ramos and Andres Iniesta, went home without a win. The midfielder announced the end of his career in the national team after the failure in the match with Russia. “This is the reality that it was my last match for Spain. This wonderful period is over. Sometimes things don’t end up like about this dream. Overall, this is probably the saddest day in my career. I’m leaving with a bitter taste. This is a difficult time we have experienced it. For me personally, it’s not the best farewell, but in football and life happens,” – said Iniesta.

Recall, July 1, the Russian team defeated the Spaniards and reached the quarter-finals of the world Cup. The main and extra time ended with the score 1:1, but in the penalties the team was able to bring victory to Russia. In the next match our footballers will play against Croatia.