Смерть любимого, наркотики, борьба с раком: испытания русской Одри Хепберн The actress was the guest of the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1”. Iya Borisovna decided to have a Frank conversation with the host, telling about the fateful events in life.
Смерть любимого, наркотики, борьба с раком: испытания русской Одри Хепберн

It was called the Russian Audrey Hepburn and predicted a great future. Georgian beauty, legendary star of Comedy George Danelia “do Not cry!” – it seemed, for the happiness she had everything, but she lost everything.

57-year-old Iya Ninidze learned from the best – in her youth, she became a student of the Institute of cinematography, enrolling in the course of Sergei Bondarchuk and Irina Skobtseva. She played in dozens of movies, but at age 40 the actress fell 300-pound decoration – after the injury she was forced to leave the stage.

For a long time did not develop and life star. The first time the actress got married at the age of 17, her husband was Nikolai Shengelaia, the son of film Director Giorgi Shengelaia and the actress Sofiko Chiaureli. But the lovers weren’t together long. Learning about the numerous infidelities of her husband, Iya Borisovna filed for divorce.

In a second marriage with actor Sergey Myxacium actress gave birth to long-awaited firstborn son George. But the happiness was again clouded – mom actress was diagnosed with cancer. Torn between his parent and a child, and I did not find solace in the family – her husband left her with the baby and problems, and he went to work.

“I was alone in Tbilisi, even my mother was ill, with cancer. You can’t live a husband and wife separated, not so the world was created. I still warmed up, I was told that Sergei in Moscow with someone having a great time. I missed you very much, a sick mother, growing boy. I wish I was like everyone else. Wanted to be happy, but it did not,” shared Iya Borisovna.
Смерть любимого, наркотики, борьба с раком: испытания русской Одри Хепберн

The relationship didn’t survive the test of distance and faded away, the actress has again filed for divorce. To distract the artist, friends introduced her to a designer, who later became her third husband. From him Iya Borisovna gave birth to a daughter Nino.

“I was with him began again to breathe, to believe. I entered into a rut women in a rut love. It then began a terrible history, the civil war in Tbilisi. Michael left. He was able to send even a tiny penny, but no more. Everyone thought I was so strong. All their husbands had left me, I was not thrown”, – said the actress.

But this marriage did not work out – Ninidze was left alone with two children. According to the memoirs of the actress, sometimes in their house was not even a piece of bread. Most of the time she spent at work, trying to earn a little money. One day, returning after the performance, the artist met a new love – businessman Lado.

“I was betrothed, I bought a thin ring. The Lado made no secret that he had a family, children. We lived together for almost three and a half years. He did this step, but not everything was so simple and easy. He had difficulties with his health. Drugs”, – told Ninidze.

For the sake of the beloved Iya Borisovna left the theater, trying to find the best doctors to cure him. But the fatal case has crossed out all plans of the couple.

“He was in the hospital when he had a blood transfusion, brought a terrible infection. ‘ve already said goodbye to him. On this day I realized that I need to go to Church, I lit a candle outside the window the snow has gone, Lado loved the first snow. In the house he became very ill, he took the cross which I gave him, held his hand and with it he was able to live 5 days. I called his sister and said that Lado is dead” – shared the actress.

The death of a beloved crippled actress. For a long time she could neither eat nor drink. And soon decided to commit suicide. From the fatal step she was stopped by the son George. Then came to the aid of ex-husband Sergei, who suggested that then 37-year-old Ninidze to move to Moscow to give his son a good education.

The trials not over yet – and 2012, doctors diagnosed actress Oncology. The first operation did not give results.

“I’ve had one surgery, and six months later said that the urgent need to pursue a second. My whole life flashed before my eyes as the Georgian short films. All right now”, – said Iya Borisovna.