Викторию Боню осудили за употребление «напитка мертвых» The presenter has admitted in the video that she uses special herbal decoctions, to be always healthy and happy. Victoria Bonia uses for these infusions special kind of plant that is considered forbidden in most countries.

      TV presenter Victoria Bonia carefully watching their health, so always chooses what to include in your diet and drinking. According to star, stay cheerful and it helps a decoction, which includes ginger, chamomile and herbs.

      According to some, the Ayahuasca, which uses the Vic for drinks, is a strong hallucinogen. Initially, with the help of this substance shamans arranged for special rituals. According to them, the leaves of the vines at the same time clean and free people from energy blocks. Bonia believes that the plant is not a drug. However, she urged them to treat him gently.

      “With Ayahuasca to be trifled with, certainly. It is called the drink of the dead. If I was asked what drink is my favorite, I would have said that after the water – so based on this herb. When you drink the broth, you get knowledge! If you drink it, serotonin levels does not fall, it rises. You know? God, how they sing! When shamans start to sing, you have no idea! Chu-Chu-Chu-Chu”, – shared his impressions of Victoria during the broadcast in Periscope.

      In medicine there are conflicting opinions about the above mentioned plants. According to American experts, this substance is used to treat depression. Russian experts in medicine have noted that shamanic herb that is considered a psychotropic drug, is prohibited on the territory of Russia and in several other States. There is a perception that the infusions based on the leaves can cause hallucinations. For the use of such mixtures people are exposed to a fine of five thousand rubles, and for its sale – criminal liability.

      However, Victoria has no plans to abandon herbal concoctions. She leads an active lifestyle, play sports, take care of my daughter and to pay enough attention to the spouse Alex Smerfit. Despite the fact that Bonia almost no shows on social networks pictures with her husband, she claims that in their family all is well. “For some reason many believe if there is no joint photo in Instagram, it means that people are no longer together… We’re not fans of the relationship on display. We’ve been together for five and a half years never going. Thank experience. We’re all set,” said the leading on the page.