Дети Анастасии Заворотнюк пресекают оскорбления в ее адрес Anna and Mike do not allow anyone to speak ill of his mother. Anastasia Zavorotnuk was surprised that in early childhood the heirs of the suppress incorrect reviews about their parents. The actress admits that never taught son and daughter to respond to such statements.

      Popular actress and TV presenter Anastasia Zavorotnyuk has two children – daughter Anna and son Mike. The heirs of the artist from an early age understand that their mother is a public person, and therefore her identity is of increased interest among the public. However, they did not allow anyone to speak ill about their parents and prevent any negative judgment. Anastasia proudly said that from childhood her children were not afraid to stand up for mom, and she Zavorotnyuk taught them how to respond to such attacks.

      “When my daughter was small and went to school close to home, the Director invited her to his office and said, “I think your mom is acting improperly”. Imagine an eight year old child was not taken aback, but responded harshly: “You have no right to say that about my mother.” The daughter turned and left the office. And I have no educational conversations with her led, not taught how to respond to possible provocations adults. I was discouraged by this action of the teacher and the next day moved Anna to another school,” recalls the actress.

      Anastasia told me that the heir also faced negativity in the address of his mother. One of the teachers did not hesitate to discuss the life Zavorotnyuk with her son. The actress was pleased that Mike hastened to interrupt the teacher who behaved incorrectly.

      “In the classroom when all of a sudden started to comment on a situation from the life of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk. Mike stood up, stopped. When I came to the school Director, the teacher tried to justify himself: “But I’m in a good way was talking about you, Anastasia.” Funny, isn’t it? Is it possible to gossip in a good way? And then, it’s one thing to discuss the life of some Hollywood stars, and quite another — mom student. There are ethics, and should be respected. The Director of the school reasonably behaved, has taken control of everything that happens, and the reputation of my son were not injured,” – said Zavorotnyuk in an interview with “Telenedelya”.

      Anastasia and her husband Peter Chernyshev happy and proud that their children are with their parents. Anastasia Zavorotnyuk: “Children are a great love and a great challenge”