Пьяная Лохан сорвала запись долгожданного эфира «Пусть говорят»

It took several weeks before the producers of the program “Let them talk” to still convince Hollywood actress Lindsay Lohan to become the protagonist of the new issue. That’s just Lohan herself though, and agreed to participate in the recording of the talk show, personally ruined it because it tasted Russian vodka.

Пьяная Лохан сорвала запись долгожданного эфира «Пусть говорят»

In Moscow, Lohan arrived a couple of days ago. On what conditions it was nevertheless organized, not specified. That’s just, it seems, the producers have themselves regretted that generally undertook the implementation of this idea, because Lohan threw them an unexpected surprise right before the recording of the program – actress had been drinking, so much so that I couldn’t even leave his hotel room.

As eyewitnesses of what is happening, in the morning in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton was on duty team of makeup artists with multiple bags of makeup, assistants to the stars, producers and even the Andrey Malakhov. The broadcast was supposed to begin at noon, but the star refused to leave the room, stating that he wanted to sleep.

Wait Lindsay himself made not only the crew, but the crowd and even invited experts programs that are traditionally present in all esters “Let them talk”.

Allow Lohan to feelings tried literally everything. Andrey Malakhov was raised several times in the room of a Hollywood star, but each time returned to the hall in a different mood it seemed the actress is ready to shoot, later it turned out that she’s still not sober.

“At first it was normal and said he wanted to sleep, so the program was moved to the evening, explained filmed in the crowd by the organizers. — So after the program “Tonight” Andrey urgently went to her, and she was already no. It was brought to his senses, she was lying on a drip, and then said you can go.”

Informants say that the main thing was to tell Lindsay, had a relationship with Yegor Tarasovym. Lohan was already at the door and was ready to go on the record of ether, as called her ex-lover and forbidden to spread on the subject of their romance: “She should have told that Egor gave her a ring for 300 thousand Euro, — has explained the staff in front of a frustrated audience. But along the way he called her and said that, if you breathe a bad word about me will tell you I do not give plaguing. And she decided to return home. Maybe she invented it herself, no one knows the truth”.