Виктория Бекхэм с семейством покидает Америку
The couple found a way out of a crisis.

Виктория Бекхэм с семейством покидает Америку

David and Victoria Beckham with kids

Photo: Instagram.com

As it became known, the family of Beckham leaving
Los Angeles to relocate to London. The fact that here as
ended the protracted for three years remodeling a house they bought still
in 2013. has Treated Victoria and David Beckham their purchase really expensive — they paid
for him, in terms of dollars, about 52 million. And that’s without taking into account
millions invested here for repair… But now Victoria, her husband and all
four children can remain comfortably in his mansion, or rather
a huge, five-storey building. It is only in the bedrooms — as many as six pieces.
Besides, in a mansion located: home cinema, large pool
the basement wine cellar… And still — room, which delighted the little
Harper: huge game room.

New home of the Beckham family

Photo: Instagram.com

About this star “redeployment” first visited the reporters of the Australian edition of Woman’s Day. All week they watched the move. Vans transporting furniture and other belongings of Beckham and scurried between the old, relatively modest housing star family and new home. So the arrival of the hosts, everything will be in readiness…

Most of this year, the family had spent in America, which, according to friends, helped their relationship. Victoria was traveling on business leaving her husband and children in Los Angeles, where they are constantly chased by reporters. Victoria every time I come home from work, David met her with reproaches. The couple began to quarrel, and all, according to girlfriends Victoria could end very badly. However, Beckham and his wife allegedly still managed to find a way out of the crisis. She promised her husband a little to reduce the frequency of their trips and spend more time with his family. In addition, they decided to move away from the bustle of Hollywood to London, where everything feels much calmer. So now, in his new British home, they hope for a peaceful and happy life.

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