Оксана Акиньшина наслаждается семейной идиллией The actress is having a great time in the company of her husband and youngest son. Oksana Akinshina has shared with fans a rare picture in which she is depicted with the two main men in my life, confessing that one of them was her weakness, and the other is a joy.

      Actress Oksana Akinshina, which is very dosed provides information about the personal life, preferring to tell more about his work than about herself, shared in the microblog the photo. It star is pictured in the company of his two favorite men – husband, Archil Gelovani and youngest son, three year old Bones.

      Apparently, the family spent Saturday afternoon on one of the ponds of the Moscow region fishing. Spouse Akinshina holds a trophy – the impressive size of the fish. The actress was accompanied by fasting on the distribution of roles in her family, quoting a well-known online phrase.

      “The family is a small country, whose dad is President, mom is the Minister of Finance, Minister of health, Minister of culture and emergencies. And the child – it is the people who always requires something, outraged and arranges a strike. The woman in addition to the child that she gave birth to, have another child, which gave birth to the mother in law. Men – our weakness, children are the joy. Once relaxed and be happy all my life,” wrote Oksana Akinshina.

      Subscribers actress immediately responded to a touching family picture, noting that the coast over the past very grown up and was more like his father. “Cool!”, “Nice post! Relax more often!”, “Funny! Such a cute family!” “Son is very similar to the father” – such positive comments left by fans of a celebrity in her microblog.

      We will remind that 29-year-old Oksana Akinshina is the proud mother of two children. Philip she bore from her first husband Dmitry Litvinov, the second – Kostya – from the producer Archil Gelovani. The boy was baptized in Georgia, the home of his father, and he spends a lot of time with my mom. But with the education of the eldest son, seven year old Philip, she is helping her mother, who lives in St. Petersburg.

      The actress admitted that the birth of two sons have helped her to better understand men. Despite the fact that Akinshina adores children, she is not afraid to be strict and try to give them proper upbringing. Oksana Akinshina compared a family with a colony of strict regime

      “Archil – crazy, exaggerated dad, but I am a hard mother. If we talk about the satisfaction of desires of sons, my husband spoiled, but routine and discipline full control over them. On this side they have in the colony of strict regime,” – said Oksana Akinshina in an interview.

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