Виктория Бэкхем запускает свою линию косметики

Victoria Beckham never ceases to delight his fans tomorrow, September 14, the star will present to the world their collection of cosmetics.

Виктория Бэкхем запускает свою линию косметики

British singer, actress and successful designer is not sitting with folded hands, she wants to be the best at everything, therefore he decided to create his signature line of cosmetics.

That the planned launch of a new cosmetics company, Victoria Beckham announced in February 2019. Then, in an interview for fashion magazine WomanEL she made the first presentation of its cosmetics, but the official launch date of the product is not called. The model said that she is already helping women to look stylish and beautiful with her fashion line, now she will be doing it through makeup.

The collection will not differ a large range of products, as it includes only those funds that are necessary for the woman in your daily life. She Beckham have tested all the makeup on myself and left only the most necessary, in its opinion, goods.

In the line of cosmetics Beckham accent item will be special patches under his eyes, which had been developed by experts and have a unique composition. Professional make-up artists will also be able to choose the right cosmetics. To buy any product will be exclusively on the official page in Instagram, which begins September 14, 2019. In your account you can find several promotion records and assess the work of Victoria. Will it be possible to order cosmetics anywhere in the world is still unknown.

The clothing line Victoria Beckham is popular all over the world, it is quite practical and suitable for everyday life. The fans in the network to exchange views and believe that cosmetics will also be one of the best in the beauty industry.

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