Хайден Панеттьери гуляет по Нью-Йорку с братом бывшего парня

The flamboyant American actress and singer Hayden panettiere was spotted on the streets of new York with Zach Hickerson, who has a brother to her ex-boyfriend.

Хайден Панеттьери гуляет по Нью-Йорку с братом бывшего парня

30-year-old actress married yet was not, but was the civil wife of the Ukrainian boxer Wladimir Klitschko. In September 2018 the pair of them ended the relationship, after which they remained joint daughter Kaya Evdokia. After leaving the child live with the father, this decision was made by Hayden, arguing that it would be better for a little girl. And no wonder, because very soon, the actress began to notice a young actor Brian Hickerson. Next to the guy she allowed herself to conduct nocturnal, addicted to alcohol, often start quarrels with parents.

Unfortunately, this relationship ended is not the best way – in the early summer of 2019 Brian beat the girl at his home while under the influence of alcoholic beverages. It was after this incident, Hayden left his native Los Angeles and, at the end of August, I moved to new York.

It is here, on the streets of new York city, paparazzi caught the star with Zack Hickerson. The guy has nothing to show business, and is in the position of pastor in the Catholic Church. Western media are happy to announce the new novel the actress, but the photo while it is clear that young people were just walking, holding hands. They smile like children pretending to each other faces, look carefree and happy.

These photos have already commented on the family Hickerson. His relatives deny any connection between young people and argue that Hayden just helps Zach get to know the city as it is in new York for the first time.

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