Эмилия Кларк спела новогодний хит

The new trailer for the Christmas movie “Last Christmas” Emilia Clarke sang the hit George Michael’s “Last Christmas”.

Эмилия Кларк спела новогодний хит

In the network appeared the new trailer for the a Christmas romance “Last Christmas” with Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding. In her “mother of dragons” plays a girl who lives singing. Still, after the movie is inspired by the famous song of George Michael “Last Christmas”. By the way, it played by Emilia Clarke can be heard at the beginning of the trailer.

It is known that the plot of the melodrama will be a girl named Kate, who works as a Santa helper in a Department store Christmas decorations. The girl likes to drink and not too serious about life. She constantly gets into trouble or comical situations.

Эмилия Кларк спела новогодний хит

Kate’s life changes after she meets an unusual visitor named Tom (Henry Golding). He helps her to remember who she was before the tragedy, because before becoming a Santa helper, Kate almost died. This event caused her to forget about their dreams and plans for life. But the heroine wanted to sing on the big stage! Will Kate once again find myself in a relationship with Tom, the main intrigue of melodrama.

Like the heroine Kate, Emilia Clarke suffered the disease, which almost died. During the filming of the second season of “Game of Thrones” actress suffered a stroke, which she heroically was able to move. Note that since that time its popularity has only increased. So, in 32 years, Clark has managed to appear in such film projects as “Terminator: Genesis”, a film about Han Solo “Solo: the story of star wars”, “Before I met you” and “Dom Hemingway”.

In addition to Emilia Clarke, starring in the romantic Comedy also performed Malaysian actor Henry Golding, Malaysian actress of Chinese descent, Michelle Yeo and the winner of two awards “Oscar” Emma Thompson, who also had a hand writing the script.

The film will be released on November 8, 2019. The first trailer of the film, long in three minutes, appeared online on August 14.

We will remind, recently Emilia Clarke went on vacation with another star of “Game of Thrones” rose Leslie is the wife of Keith Harrington. The actress had a rest from the hustle and bustle in India. Emilia and rose are not just basking on the coast of the Indian ocean, and spiritually educate, trying to find solitude to find myself. However, it is not always possible! To prevent the celebrities are unexpected guests-thieves. However, they were four cute monkeys, which broke into the room to rose and Emilia to eat fruit.

On this theft the stars responded with humor.

— Namaskar. This is not advertising, it’s just two girls who went to India and was robbed by monkeys (we almost never resisted) – otmetila Emilia Clarke.

Also, the actress added that the rest of their vacation was very corny. Girls read books, did yoga, tried different spices (and in India, they abound!), enjoyed the nature and was engaged in self-development.

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