Виктория Бекхэм влюбилась в Дэвида в состоянии измененного сознания

The love story of Victoria and David Beckham is admired by many.

This family was elevated to the rank of one of the most exemplary and exemplary, because the recent revelations of the Wiki about how she fell in love with her future husband, cannot fail to surprise and to amaze.

In the new issue of Vogue magazine published a letter written by Victoria herself. In it she talks about that first meeting with David took place when she was a little altered consciousness.

Learn more about football, especially the rules of the game. And remember — love at first sight really exists. This will happen to you in the area of the players of Manchester United — although, you’re a little drunk, and everything will happen to you, like a fog. When all the players will stand at the bar, you will see how David was standing nearby, but with his family. He is not even included in the first team, and you’re already famous. But he has such a nice smile and he’s so close with his family… And you’d think he sees the world the same as you,” the letter reads. It is noteworthy that David was a romantic and a note with a phone number Victoria it holds to this day: “He’s going to ask you for your phone number. You write it on the ticket from London to Manchester, and it will store this ticket”.