Бритни Спирс не впечатлила кавалера

American singer Britney Spears is a living person. It is impossible to believe, but even she, beautiful and famous, so can not to love the man that he does not wish to continue relationship with her. On failed date American pop Princess said in a recent interview.

“I also had a bad date. And when I say “bad” I mean very, very bad. I was a long one and I was asked out by a guy who I really liked. I was excited and nervous that I’m not prides to taste. We went to the movies and I don’t know, but for some reason we didn’t work out. He just took me home and everything, more even called. It was a big disappointment. He knew that I like him, but I simply was not impressed. This can happen to anyone. Being famous does not mean that you become different, not like everyone else,” said Britney. Name the men, she did not disclose.
During a recent talk show The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke Britney said to the presenter that she is not going to get married.
“I’m done with men and no longer believe in marriage,” she said.
Recall that previously, Spears was married twice: in 2004 she went to get married for 55 hours for his friend Jason Alexander, and a few years later she married choreographer Kevin Federline, who gave birth to two sons. Last fiance, Britney was Charlie Ebersol, with whom the singer broke up in June last year after a year relationship.