Звезда клипа «Сиськи»: грудь у меня есть, а парня нет

Actress Love Konstantinova, who played a major role in the new video for “Leningrad”, admitted to Woman’s Day, that did not complex about their Breasts, because it’s all right.

The movie “Leningrad” for the song “Tits” in less than a day gained almost half a million views. And the St. Petersburg artist Lyubov Konstantinova, who performed in the video the role of the girl who allegedly “problems with the Boobs” has already become a superstar.

Woman’s Day spoke to the young actress and discovered she was quite pleased with the image created on the screen. By the way, Love just this year graduated from St. Petersburg theatre Academy. And the shooting in the clip Shnurov became a kind of start her acting career.

Love, you immediately agreed to the role of a girl with a small bust? Or did you have to overcome your complexes?
Звезда клипа «Сиськи»: грудь у меня есть, а парня нет

Actually with mine it’s all right. During filming, make-up artists even had to reduce my Breasts in some shots. For example, during the scene in the fitness room I pulled her Scotch. In any case, I know how to laugh at themselves and believe that personal life is not related to breast size. All the problems we have in mind.

Possible. Your young man how to react to this way? Not forbid you to appear?
Звезда клипа «Сиськи»: грудь у меня есть, а парня нет

I have now no young man I’m my own boss. Although the casting of all the girls who wanted that role were asked to recall episodes of real life, associated with the breakup. And even to cry. I remembered, too. And then was very happy when I was approved. Because working with Anna Parmas (Director of this and other clips of the “Leningrad” – approx. Woman’s Day) very interesting. I’m proud of this role.

And in the theater, where you were recently accepted, what was your reaction to this shooting? You are a famous actress “MDT – Theatre of Europe”. Legendary Director Lev Dodin is not threatened with dismissal?
Звезда клипа «Сиськи»: грудь у меня есть, а парня нет

No, I gladly let go to shoot. I brought to the theater a formal letter and received permission. There were no problems.

Then tell me, what are the performances of MDT-we can see? May you go on stage in “hamlet” with Danila Kozlovsky?
Звезда клипа «Сиськи»: грудь у меня есть, а парня нет

While I was accepted as a trainee. And inputs in performances only began to discuss. On 7 September we will begin rehearsal, and I hope that in October or November, will take the stage. But I can’t say which show.

By the way, is not complex because of the size of her breast and the other lead actress in the movie. Together with Julia Topol’nitskiy Marina Domozhirova played one of the girlfriends of the heroine-Martyr.

“First I went to the role of the blonde with a large bust, which in the story takes the guy the heroine Luba Konstantinova, told Woman’s Day Marina Domozhirova.– But due to the fact that I lost weight, my chest is not quite a fifth the size. And in this role took another girl. And I was asked to become girlfriend. It was great, Julia Topol’nitskiy just blissed out on this shoot. I do not see any reason to worry about breast size, because one men like ample Breasts, while others, on the contrary, in miniature.

By the way, swearing that you hear in the song, one of the Actresses is also not confused.

“It’s a specific genre, – says Marina Domozhirova. – On the one hand, banter, and with another – just like in real life. Each of us in a given situation may use strong language. If I had to swear at the camera for these shots, I probably would have decided”.

And another interesting detail: the clip is shot in three shifts of 19 hours each, but pre-production took a month. About Woman’s Day said Dmitry Muravyev, producer Agency Fancy Shot, which was engaged in the filming of the video.

According to Dmitry, the topic of small Breasts none of the Actresses really didn’t. And to persuade them to appear was not necessary. On the contrary. But Love Konstantinova, who performed in the video the main role, and it was the heroine during the scenes in the apartment, which actually was filmed in the halls “Lenfilm”, she had to endure a hell of heat.

“It was very hot, because we built the apartment we closed the ceiling with holes for cameras. It was consecrated by many lamps, total power was 90 kilowatts. It was a steam room in the bath” – said the Ants.

By the way, on the screen, any anomalous heat is not noticeable – only one passion. So we sincerely congratulate the star of a new video for “Leningrad” with the actor’s success. And wish her exciting new roles in theater and in future clips Sergei Shnurov.