Cornelia Mango was delighted to end a honeymoon

Корнелия Манго обрадовалась окончанию медового месяца
The singer after a long break went back to work.

Cornelia Mango and her husband Bogdan

Photo: @Instagram korneliamango Cornelia Mango

Honeymoon Cornelia Mango and her husband, Bogdan came to an end. However, for couples it was not a reason for sadness. On the contrary, as the singer admits, she was happy that finally can return to his favorite work.

“I missed working! I’m so glad I chose the right path in life!” — shared with fans of Cornelia. Their honeymoon, the actress and her husband had spent in the Crimea. According to her, past the wedding journey was one of the most memorable in her life. Cornelia and Bogdan at the car toured the neighborhood of Yalta, where they stayed, inside and out. She was bathing on wild beaches and did what they liked surfing.

Interestingly, Mango chose the Crimea for a honeymoon is not accidental. The fact that the singer’s husband hails from there. There he spent his childhood and is living there his friends and relatives. So for Cornelia’s wedding trip was also an excellent occasion to make friends with relatives of the spouse.

In addition, it is worth noting that even in the wedding journey, the singer did not give himself to relax and was constantly engaged in physical activity. Shortly before her departure, she became fascinated with yoga, which quickly brought results in the form of “melt” those extra kilos.