Голые скульптуры со скандального клипа Канье Уэста могут продать за $4 миллиона

Kanye West recently presented a new video for the song Famous. “Highlight” of the new video of the musician became a wax exhibition in the same bed with Kanye has turned out some members of the entertainment industry, publishing and policy (Kim Kardashian, George Bush Jr., Taylor swift, Rihanna, Chris brown, Donald trump, ray g, Taylor swift, Anna Wintour, amber rose, bill Cosby and Kathleen Jenner).

The manufacturer of this “masterpiece” took several months, as well as funding in the amount of 700 thousand dollars. Now, however, it was reported that the West can more than offset the cost of creating wax copies, as there willing to buy them. The transaction amount was not discussed, but in the narrow circles say that it is about 4 million dollars.

Perhaps the wax copy wanted to buy the famous Madame Tussauds?

However, representatives of both West and galleries refute the fact that sales figures.

“Working with Kanye was not discussed and not discussed” — said the representative of the gallery. “We never thought about selling these pieces. We intend to organize similar exhibitions in other galleries, too,” — said the representative of the artist.