Виктория Бекхэм озаботилась проблемой лишнего веса
The wife of the football player realized his dream.

Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham, which
detractors repeatedly accused of excessive thinness, finally managed to realize
its long-standing idea. She created a collection of affordable clothes for women

As it turned out, superstrain
Victoria has long been a sympathetic look at the ladies who can’t find
fashionable clothes because according to the wife of David Beckham, “designers make dresses
exclusively for thin as a stick women”. Perhaps the wife of the famous
player and mother of four children so imbued with the problems of those who suffer from excess weight, and even
because she in early youth, was, according to her, not
as thin as it is now.

About his desire to create
collection of clothes of sizes up to XXL, Beckham said in a long time. And now she
finally, completed work on her. Creations Victoria will soon appear
in the popular UK supermarket chain and online stores. More
one advantage of the collection, which is proud of Beckham was that it managed
to do designer clothing, and relatively affordable. Her creations will
cost from 6 to 60 pounds.

Incidentally, this collection
in the United States caused hardly more interest than at home in Victoria. Throughout
likely it is due to the fact that the number of overweight women here even more
than in Britain. Beckham herself was very pleased with the results of their work. “I,
of course, I’m proud of what we have achieved in that time, when he played in “Spice Girls”. But no less proud I
is the fact that I can do within my brand!” — admitted
41-year-old Victoria.