Тарасов чувствует себя униженным после «подлой выходки» Лжедмитрия
The player was once again involved in the scandal.

Rapper T-Killah, Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov with friends

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram Anastasia Kostenko

Since her divorce from Olga Buzova in the life of Dmitry Tarasova one scandal replaces another. However, this time the player was involved in an unpleasant situation unwillingly. The fact that in the morning on one of the Central TV channels broadcasted a program about the national team of Russia on football. It Dmitry allegedly criticized the game for the national team in a friendly match against côte d’ivoire.

However, it turned out that Tarasov actually did not make any controversial statements and just in shock from how unfair did the journalists who issued the review someone else for it. “Cheerful day everyone! Want to comment on this strange and sneaky trick from the domestic media, as in the morning the phone hasn’t stopped buzzing… wouldn’t it be so sad if it weren’t for the fact that I made no comments at all on this occasion! — said Dmitry. — Smart and sane person will immediately understand that the text spoken by the False Dmitry, is able to make only left-hand football man.

In the morning a press-service of FC “locomotive” contacted reporters. Those, in turn, sent a number that supposedly called me. Well, picked it up really Dmitry. But I don’t. And quite aggressive responding, “Yes, I don’t Tarasov!”. I had a lot of rooms, but not this one. Personally I demand an apology and retraction from the original source in front of me and the National Team of Russia for this reckless escapade with a view to defame the person and insult the team, providing false information to the public!” By the way, some members Tarasova did not believe his denial and sure that records posted online sounded the voice of the former husband of Olga Buzova.

Recall that after the break with leading scandalous telestroke Dmitry no longer hide his affair with Anastasia Kostenko. The young model is extremely popular in the Network: she brags on social networks with expensive gifts from Tarasov and flirting with them in the online streams and just a couple of hours ago in her microblog appeared first joint the with a player. In General, it makes things Dmitry, in his own words, very tired during the marriage with Buzova. We are talking about what Buzova regularly shares details of his personal life with an army of subscribers, i.e., the led “life”. Dmitry and Anastasia, by the way, very serious intentions towards each other. Last week they introduced their parents, and she Kostenko Tarasov is preparing to give birth to a child.